Diabetes Education Class

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be frightening. But not controlling the disorder could lead to additional physical problems. It is important that you take steps to improve your lifestyle and learn to live with diabetes.

Midwest Regional Medical Center offers an American Diabetes Association recgnized Diabetes Education Class for newly diagnosed patients, or for those who just need a refresher course on diabetes management. Caregivers and family members are also invited to attend.

Class instructers provide basic information about diabetes. The main ares of discussion include:

  • A good understanding of diabetes
  • How to manage diabetes through diet, excerise and medication
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Diabetes Complications
  • Up-to-date nutrition information
  • Individualized meal plan

Physician Referral and insurance verification required. Copayment is due upon check-in for the class.

Cost: Free

Class Contact

Carolyn Seibold (405) 610-8930


No sessions scheduled at this time.