Spine Surgery

Advanced spine surgery techniques

At Midwest Regional Medical Center we offer the latest approaches to treat back pain and injuries. Our specialized team of health care professionals uses the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment for spine disorders, including the most advanced small-incision spine surgery procedures available.

Our doctors provide expert care for everything from whiplash and spinal trauma to herniated discs, synovial cysts, osteoporosis and more. We offer a full range of options that involve just one or two small incisions – less than two centimeters each – in the neck, chest or back. Smaller incisions result in less pain and scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery. We offer advanced treatments such as:

  • Balloon kyphoplasty – Used to repair fractures caused by osteoporosis or cancer, balloon kyphoplasty acts as an internal cast that provides rapid relief from back pain and improves spinal alignment. In this procedure, the surgeon inflates a small balloon within the fractured vertebra and inserts bone cement to restore the original size and shape of the vertebrae.
  • Lumbar disc microsurgery – This procedure is used to treat herniated discs of the lower back. A herniated disc is a condition in which the disc’s inner, jelly-like material of pushes through the outer layer of cartilage, which puts pressure on the spinal cord and causes pain. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision above the damaged disc to remove the damaged portion, leaving healthy tissue intact. As the area heals, the spinal cord returns to its normal position, alleviating the pain and pressure.

Our surgeons utilize minimally invasive options whenever possible, but when traditional techniques offer the best solution, our specialists have the training and expertise to perform even the most complex procedures, including spinal reconstructive surgery, revision surgery (to correct previous operations), and surgery to correct curvature of the spine (scoliosis).

Non-surgical spine care options

Midwest Regional Medical Center also offers non-surgical solutions to treat back and neck pain. We offer spinal injections and other therapies, including physical therapy, to alleviate pain and swelling. Our rehabilitation specialists are well equipped to deliver a full range of physical therapy treatments, including preventive and post-surgery recovery programs. Our specialized care team offers a wide range of primary and complementary non-surgical treatments to meet each individual’s needs.