Billing and Insurance

The hospital will bill your insurance company for all hospital charges. If you have more than one insurance policy, the hospital will bill the secondary insurance after the primary pays. 

If your insurance does not pay your bill within 45 days, you will receive a statement requesting payment of the charges. If there are any delays in the payment of your bill, it is in your best interest to become involved with your insurance company and with our patient financial services department in order to resolve your account. If your insurance company requests any information from you, be sure to respond immediately. 

Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. However, you are still responsible for payment of your account. If proper resolution of your bill does not occur within 60 days from the date you received services, hospital personnel may enlist the aid of an outside collection agency to collect any amount due. 

Physicians who provide services to you while at the hospital, such as the emergency room physicians, anesthesiologist, or radiologists, will send you a bill for their services. The insurance information you give the hospital will be given to these physicians.


Detailed itemized statements are issued at the patient's request. Monthly statements will contain messages which will indicate the status of your account. If at any time you have questions about your account, please call and speak with one of our Patient Account Representatives at (405) 610-8147.

Co-payments and deductibles

All insurance companies require the hospital to collect all co-payments and deductibles from the patient. As such, co-payments and deductibles will be collected on the day of your appointment or at the time of your discharge from the hospital. Please contact your insurance provider prior to check-in for co-payment and deductible amounts required by the hospital.


If you have a PPO or HMO insurance policy, a referral/confirmation form is required prior to your visit or the PPO/HMO will not pay for the services provided.


Payment is due at the time of service. Upon your discharge, it may be necessary for you to visit the Discharge Office where a financial counselor will provide you with information that is your right to receive. Our patient financial counselor is available to discuss resources and payment arrangements if necessary.

Medical assistance programs

Midwest Regional Medical Center will provide information to help you apply for medical assistance programs. Program availability is based on Medicaid income and eligibility guidelines. Midwest Regional cannot guarantee you will receive medical coverage, but we will gladly provide any assistance necessary to help you obtain coverage to pay for the financial portion of your stay.